5 Most Expensive Hotels in India

5 Most Expensive Hotels in India

Do you know that the most expensive hotel suite in India costs Rs. 1.7 lakh? This is particularly the Grande Luxury Suite of the Taj Mahal Place and Tower located in Mumbai. This may be one of the oldest hotels in the place but it’s also undeniably the most visited. Apart from that, India has more to offer when talking about luxurious places. Here’s more of it.

Raj Palace Hotel


From inside to out, this building exhibits seamless mix of Mughal and Rajput architecture. It’s one of the many luxury heritage hotels that feature the best accommodation and services. Currently, the most expensive room in the palace, which is the Maharajahs Pavilion or the presidential suite, is approximately Rs 820,000. Raj Palace Hotel also has an upcoming highlight, another presidential suite called Shahi Mahal, which will open this October 2014. Such suite has a rate of 45,000 USD or Rs 2,460,000.

Taj Lake Palace


A tie between two Taj places, Taj Lake Palace in Udaipur is considered as the most romantic hotel you can visit in India. Its grand presidential suite rates at Rs 600,000 or $13,000. It also has a Luxury Double Bedroom, which is a bit cheaper and still acquires all essential amenities and services. This room is approximately 36,000 rupees or $810. Being the country’s iconic hotel, it’s not a question why many people are willing to tweak their budgets just to save up for their stay at Taj Lake Palace.

Leela Palace


Another fortress on the rise is the Leela Palace. Building the entire place cost 18 billion rupees and its room price currently starts at $560 or Rs. 25,000 for the Grand Deluxe Room. Security is always at maximum level with the palace’s bullet-proof windows. It also cloaks the best chefs and high-end restos. Spas, rooftop infinity pool, and tea lounges are only few of the many other facilities you can enjoy while staying at Leela Palace.

Oberoi, Gurgaon


This hotel is situated at Gurgaon, India’s major shopping and business district. It is also labeled as the country’s only luxury hotel with an exclusive cigar lounge. The presidential suite alone costs Rs 3, 00,000 but the features are priceless. A spacious living room, two bedrooms, and a dining room with all the latest appliances – what more can you ask for? Oberoi, Gurgaon also has a more contemporary structure as well as inside design, making you feel the modern side of India.

Oberoi, Mumbai


Oberoi, Mumbai is very well loved due to its impeccable services and facilities. It has the best and most comfortable rooms you can ever find. Just like Oberoi Gurgaon, this hotel also has a modern theme and it allows you to overlook one of the country’s highlight, the Queen’s Necklace. Its deluxe room rates at approximately Rs 25,000 and Rs 3 lakh for the presidential suite.

Most people say that the best places in the world are next to priceless. After visiting these hotels in India, you will definitely agree with such thought. If you want to lessen the expenses without compromising the comfort of your stay, it’s advisable to book early and ask for available promos and discounts. Steer away from peak seasons as well.

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